Why You Need To Invest In Your Biz

When I first started to hear about high-end coaches and consultants and service providers, I was so shocked. Why do you need a coach? Why would I fork over $10,000 to someone? What advice could they possibly offer that would be worth THAT much. Let’s be real. I’m sure you’ve thought that too. You may still even think that. But … Read More

How To Know When It’s Time To Start Building Your Biz And Stop Signing Up For Courses

It’s officially confession time. That’s right. Deep breaths, boss lady, deep breaths. Have you taken course after course after course online? Have you opted-in to freebie after freebie? Have you listened to every single one of Marie Forleo’s videos? Have you noticed that your immediate reaction to a slight hesitation is to search out more resources and information, instead of … Read More

How to Overcome Your Fear of Self-Promotion

Do you feel hesitant to share links to your blog posts on your Facebook page, or even on LinkedIn? You don’t want to be that self-promotional. Right? You don’t want your friends and biz contacts to just think all you do is market. You don’t want to just be all sales all the time. Listen, I totally get it. For … Read More


The work from home lifestyle is far from the glamorous glimpses and behind-the-scenes peeks that we see on Instagram. You know which ones I’m talking about. Perfect white offices with CLEAN desks. I call them “Instagram CEOs.” But if you’re like me you get a little jealous when you see these images, or at least I did. That was until … Read More