Your perfectly positioned, polished, and press-ready brand starts here. You better start practicing your power pose and (finally) figure out which side is actually your good side, because once I get my hands on you, everything will change.


"I need clarity on my brand platform so I can be consistent with my public image."

Package your expertise in a purposeful way and get strategic about the image you're cultivating. Successful brands aren't just built, they're embodied.

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"I know what I want to be known for but need a strategy to communicate it."

Craft media-ready messaging and soundbites around your platform so everything you say and write is on-brand. Prepare for potential crisis situations.

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"I'm clear on my brand and my message. I need help polishing my presentation."

Polish your media skills so you feel confident communicating your brand message on tv, radio, podcasts, and in print media and avoid common pitfalls.

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"I'm about to launch and need a complete strategic visibility plan."

Want to know exactly what makes someone a public figure? A platform. Create your master plan to present yourself to prospects, power players, and the press.

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Want to strategize with me, but not ready for a full program yet?

I offer one hour strategy calls for $497. You’ll walk away from the call with crystal-clear clarity on your chosen topic and be ready to move forward. And—because this is how I do it—you’ll have actual, actionable steps you can take 

Interested in a group training program? I offer half-day training programs for groups of up to 50 people. Contact me at to discuss the specific needs and goals of your group.