At some point you have to realize you cannot learn everything.

(*Ahem!*Hope Brookins!*Ahem!*)

While it’s vital to have a good understanding of your industry, there is only so much you can learn. At some point, you have to decide what things you enjoy learning about and want to spend time implementing in your business, and what things you would rather have someone else implement for you. Then, you’ll be able to delegate and get to work.

I realized I knew enough when I started talking to people and found that I knew more about certain topics, or when I knew of influencers or resources they didn’t. I also realized that the people I was supposed to help were those who were only one step behind me.

Just like I couldn’t relate to someone with a team of 16 yet, those individuals who are one step behind me can learn so much more from me. They need to learn from me now, before I’m that person with a team of 16. Make sense? If I wait until I have a team of 16 to help them, it will be too late. I’ll be too far ahead of them for them to relate to me on the same level that they can now.


At some point, you have to stop looking for more information, because that so-called “learning” is really a distraction and an excuse and I’m calling you out on it right now.

Here are a few ways that I overcame the feeling of education overwhelm and began to take action. (As in action that leads you to sharing with other people, teaching the people who can learn from you, at your current stage.) You don’t have to be an absolute undeniable know-it-all about your topic, you just need to have an informed perspective to share with others.

  • Make a conscious decision about the information you are consuming. Set limits and be intentional about it. Decide what you’re looking for and stick to just finding information on that topic. If you find other interesting but unrelated topics, save them for later.
  • Set times to check your email and turn off the notifications. Even if new course information comes into your email box, set specific times in your calendar where you’ll do that educational work, and stick to those time frames. Don’t let the information arrival’s take you away from doing productive work that shares your expertise with the world. (I even use an email I that I reallywant to read as a personal bribe to get other work done first.)

It’s time to stop hiding your genius behind the idea that you need to learn more to be seen as an expert. Often, an image of expertise comes not from the amount of information one consumes, but from how they present their knowledge when they share it with others.

It’s time to declare your newfound commitment to focusing on brand building activities. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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