Hello, I’m Hope Brookins, go-to Personal Branding & Publicity Strategist. 

After working with a former president of the United States, over 14 United States Congressmen, and politicians at literally every level of local and state government, I realized I didn’t love politics but I did develop the ultimate skills in branding and publicity.

And that’s when it hit me: Helping people turn themselves and their ideas into polished and positioned brands so that the perception others have about them actually matches the value they offer the world, that was what I was really meant to do.

And so, in 2016, Hope Brookins the personal branding & publicity strategist was born. Or more correctly, perfected, positioned, polished, and presented to the world.






Hope Brookins is a go-to personal branding and publicity strategist who helps high-achieving and highly-talented ambitious entrepreneurs finally get the attention, accolades, and adoration they deserve from the right people, prospects, and press through her signature 90-day program. This program includes guided weekly assignments with accountability calls, two days of in-person training, and ends with the delivery of a customized brand platform.

By the time she was 19, Hope had worked for Bill Clinton, 14 U.S. Congressmen and politicians at every level of state politics. Leveraging her experience in politics, Hope strategically turned to positioning entrepreneurs through branding before taking on the ultimate experience of positioning her own family.

In January 2017, her family’s story of leaving a traumatic situation to build their own 3500 square-foot home with our own hands—using YouTube videos as their guide—went viral. Within two weeks they were featured in 65 countries in over 1,000 media outlets, including The Today Show, People, New York Times Women’s Edition, ABC News, CNN, CBS, Inside Edition, USA Today, NBC, Fox News Insider, and New York Post. Her mother chronicled the family’s story in her book Rise: How A House Built A Family. At 26, Hope spearheaded her family’s publicity campaign positioning them to be recognized internationally for their story and, more importantly, their message.

Hope’s success has enabled her to be the go-to strategist for ambitious entrepreneurs who have a personal message that they want turn into a brand. She knows that success, without a doubt, comes down to three things: perfected positioning, strategic storytelling, and a meticulously-crafted, media-ready message.

Thanks to her sharp business skills and natural flair for knowing what makes a brand – and a person – exceptional, Hope is quick to help each of her wildly talented (and different) clients position, package and polish their personal brands – and leverage their expertise to become Internet icons.


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“Hope Brookins is part of a new breed . . . intent on embracing social media and cutting-edge trends.”

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