With over 2 BILLION estimated media impressions, I know a thing or two about publicity.

Hope Brookins is a leading personal branding coach and keynote speaker. She helps professionals build their personal brands and get comfortable with self-promotion through one-on-one coaching, online courses, in-person workshops, and keynotes.

By the time she was 19, Hope had interned for President Clinton, 14 United States Congressmen, and politicians at every level of state politics. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Leveraging her experience in politics, Hope started strategically positioning entrepreneurs through branding before taking on the ultimate experience of positioning her own family.

Hope spearheaded her family’s publicity campaign positioning them to be recognized internationally for their story and, more importantly, their message. Her family’s story of leaving a traumatic situation to build their own 3500 square-foot home with their own hands—using YouTube videos as their guide—went viral. Within two weeks they were featured in 65 countries in over 1,000 media outlets, including the Today Show, People, New York Times Women’s Edition, ABC, CNN, CBS, Inside Edition, USA Today, NBC, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Her family’s story is now being turned into a film.

Her experience in the public eye, in the media, and building her own platform combined with her millennial perspective, is instrumental to her clients’ success and why she’s been labeled a “branding and publicity powerhouse” by her clients. Through her speaking and training programs, she helps clients create a public profile by building a personal brand and crafting a media-ready message to boost their image, shape their reputation, and increase their visibility.

Today Hope’s strategies help professionals become powerful spokespeople for their brands so they can share their messages with the world.


I planned a media campaign for my own family that reached viral numbers. In one year, my family's story had an estimated TWO BILLION media impressions online, not including international talk shows and international print media.
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"Hope is part of a new breed...intent on embracing social media and cutting edge trends."


  • personal branding

    My proven experience building my client’s personal brand profiles (and my own) informs my perspective.

  • viral media stories

    My experience managing my own family’s viral media campaign gives me a one-of-a-kind perspective.

  • public figures

    My viewpoints regarding public figures are based on my extensive experience turning people into them.

  • image management

    My combined approach to building reputations, includes old fashioned charm and modern brand strategy.

  • self-promotion

    Backed with history and science, my proven approach for self-promotion is one you’ve never heard.

  • women in business

    From the boardroom to the ballroom, I help women own their power through their personal brands.

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No matter what you want to be known for, learning to strategically present, position, and promote yourself is essential. Strategically cultivating your image is the best move you’ll ever make...but only if you use a winning strategy.