Get access to my strategic method for identifying your target audience and what they need.

  • get crystal clear about who you’re meant to serve
  • determine where you should focus your efforts to maximize exposure
  • learn how to identify your diehard fans
  • figure out what your target audience actually wants
  • create irresistible offers that attract your ideal client

"I'm clear on my brand but need help attracting the clients & leads that I want."


  • creating content just to hope it sticks because you aren't clear on who you're creating it for

  • hurting your brand by not consistently talking to the same audience (or worse, not taking at all)

  • tired of wasting your precious resources creating and advertising offerings that never sell

  • waviering about every business decision because you just feel so unsure

Yes, you’re the representative of your brand and it should look, feel, and sound like YOU, but that’s only relevant if someone is out there listening. So it’s time to get really clear about who you want to work with, what they want to hear, and how they want to hear it. 

It may feel a little weird to be defining a target audience for your personal brand as if you’re a business. You’re not a Fortune 500 company after all even if you work enough that you feel like you’re the CEO of one. You’re just a human who knows and interacts with all different types of people. It might even feel mean or cruel to cut anyone off from your offers. BUT by helping a specific audience, you can really go 100% into all offerings knowing that you’re providing customized solutions that will actually work for your target audience. Why? Because you will know them. And I mean know them like an expose journalist knows a scandal—but you know, in a GOOD way. This level of knowing who your people are will create more brand trust and loyalty than you could ever imagine. Ultimately what everyone wants is to be understood. (like best-friend over really tall drinks understood). And when you connect with people on that level, they are the most loyal subjects--I mean, target audience--you could ever have.


"Hope is an expert in branding. Her strategic mindset is backed with experience and solutions that work. Her services have not only been instrumental in my book's brand, but it my business' as well." -James R. Nowlin, Author of The Purposeful Millionaire and CEO of Excel Global Partners


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Your Target Audience is Not: Everyone: Get my philosophy for building a much more effective campaign by narrowing your target audience.

The Walmart Dilemma: You may think you want to be the Walmart of your industry– but you’re wrong. Learn how you can offer personalized, high quality solutions.

Your Dream Client: Learn how to start narrowing your focus by identifying exactly who you LOVE working with. Identifying this person will help you identify the unique things you have to offer.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Save yourself a lot of time by using my method to identify exactly who you DON’T want to work with. 

Here's What You Get:
Targeted comes with 6 strategy-packed modules, 45 minutes of video content, transcriptions of all videos, and 25 pages of printable worksheets.


6 Strategy-packed Modules

45 Minutes of Video Content

Transcriptions of all videos

25 Pages of Printable Worksheets

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What Makes This Different?

When you create content with a specific audience in mind, you’ll produce exactly the book, product, or service your target audience is hungry for. We’re going to go even deeper than that though. You need a real feel for exactly how your audience works, plays, and talks—and I mean which words they over-use and which ones have them rolling their eyes. Discovering this level of detail is how we’re going to make you the go-to in your niche.

By focusing on a particular segment of the market you can make sure your brand becomes known by that market. That also means you save resources by only spending on ads or sponsorship or other visibility efforts that make sense for reaching YOUR people.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you're not 100% satisfied, I will send your money back. If for any reason Targeted doesn't meet your expectations, email Refund must be requested within 30 days of purchase.